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What can two dedicated developers with a dream create with their ingenuity? SPAZ is a combination of a space combat simulation, role-playing game, and pure awesomeness.

See how you can clean up on the i Phone in this unique and humorous arcade-style shooter for the i Phone. See how a group of game developers at the Federation of Galaxy Explorers volunteered their time to create Moon Base One, an educational game that exposes kids to science, technology and math.Brazilian software developers Musi Games give us a taste of rocker stardom with Drums Challenge.Built by gamers for gamers, Onverse allows you to enjoy all the fun of a virtual world with different kind of gameplay built into its world.Read about how an industry veteran decided to build his own world and change the way we look at social platforms.The environment was made to look like a collage ripped out of paper.

And perhaps most unique of all, this ground-breaking game began as a class project, now published on Steam.

Lots of game developers talk about rapid prototyping, but Cascadia Games took it to the next level with i Phone game development.

Read how Cascadia saw an opportunity to create a lot of "mini" board games in a short amount of time and what they learned from the experience.

Passion and dedication are the core traits to help anyone get through developing a game.

Let's take a look at how this group made it through their development process with an interview from Sam Redfern of Psychic Software.

Yesterday, a game was released on i Win that told the story of not one, but two different studios teaming together to make a great game.