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All the animals were fine – happy to see us, but clearly they had been well fed, cared for, and loved.

Ashley came by to pick up some things and return our key, and that’s when we heard the funny part. ” It had never occurred to me that along with all my other notes, I should warn Ashley that Ripley has been trained to alert me for alarms.

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I logged into my 24Pet Watch account, to see if I could just add an animal.I was baffled to find that although my info was there, it showed I had no pets. Because Rocky is my service dog, I had even decided to make the extra expenditure, and had signed up for the lifetime support, at , for their full package.” He said, “Yes, we received a transfer of ownership.So she was taken off of your account.” I said, “That’s crazy. She’s sitting in the room with me right now.” He said, “Oh. I’ll call you back.” About fifteen minutes later, he telephoned. What if I hadn’t happened to look at my account for months, and, worst case scenario, Rocky had gotten lost?Now that Sabrina is retired, sometimes she sets her alarm to wake up early, and then decides to sleep in. I have been that way forever – even as a kid, I arranged my books on the shelf by author’s name. The others who had Avid chips have now passed away.

I hate it, because Ripley ignores Sabrina, and comes to wake ME up! But I would have remembered if I sold my service dog to a woman named Alyssa. Since that time, competition has come onto the market.All it takes is a keystroke for them to erroneously assign your number to someone else.Lesson learned – periodically check your accounts, and make sure your dog or cat is still registered to you, regardless of how many promises the company has made.Seconds later, there was Ripley, standing over her. But the clock went off again, and Ripley wouldn’t let it go. Then Ripley followed her to the kitchen, and wanted a treat. The alarm goes off, and if I am distracted, I don’t respond. If you moved, you called Avid and they updated your info.So it has been Ripley’s job to come and get me, and harass me until I get up out of my chair and go take my medication. Rocky is learning this skill, but she currently has backup all the time – Ripley and Rocky alert together, usually with Ripley leading the way. Three of our animals have Avid chips – those age nine and over.When Ashley stays over, she sleeps on the pull-out couch bed in the living room, and Malakai joins her, but Ripley prefers to sleep on our bed in the master bedroom. The medication I take at night can be heavily sedating, and I used to have a hard time waking up when I needed to.