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They can’t decide what kind of series they are, and not in a good way.

If I wanted that, I’d go to the mall and watch the kiddies hit on each other.Then again, had this presented itself as slice of life/romance from the beginning, I might not have thought the difference between the first/last episodes and the rest of series was so jarring.The first four of DNAngel, in this case, involve Dark taking over Daisuke’s body and stealing a new artifact for unknown reasons.These artifacts are works of art that are possessed by a spirit of some sort, and in general these episodes will probably remind you of Vampire Princess Miyu TV or something related (as far as the whole "evil power gets people to do bad things, tragedy, etc).Included are original audio drama episodes, CD drama's intro theme performed by Miyu Irino, and outro theme performed by Sara Nakayama and Masumi Asano.

Sleeve cover artwork is illustrated by character designer, Shinichi Yamaoka.Overall, a story that could have been compelling, interesting, and engaging, but ended up being so poorly paced and so scattered that I left feeling very disappointed.Animation Easily the best part of the series, by far.I will admit that the overall "plot" at the end, and/or the somewhat interesting (but still confusing) plot twists made up slightly for the total waste of my time which was the rest of the series, but given the ratio of content to crap, they could have made the series about 6-8 episodes instead of 26 and it would have been just as good.Really, that’s my main problem with series like this and E’s Otherwise: lack of identity.If you enjoy bishounen type characters (similar to anything Clamp, including X TV), look no further.