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The company is also clear on how imperative it is for these cooperatives to continue their progression far beyond Sundial.

ANT Mc Partlin came a step closer to ending Declan Donnelly's long-running Dennis Wise 'small man' banter tonight.

However, his co-host had viewers in stitches as he refused to accept he is the same height as the retired footballer.

Sundial’s largest and top-selling brand, Shea Moisture, revolutionized the mass beauty market when it hit retail shelves in 2008.

But Sundial Brands had long before ignited the now-booming natural hair movement by shunning harsh chemicals in favor of using organic, all-natural ingredients, and the company’s products quickly became cult-favorites on the streets of New York.

This means, for one, building schools and wells that are in close proximity to one another.

“If we can bring them that water,” Dennis says, “the girls no longer have to miss school, which supports growth for independence and their future.” Sundial stands behind this position by not allowing children on-site at the cooperatives it supports, so they can instead stay in school.Last night Dec introduced the Dingo Dollar Challenge by saying: "Tiny little Dennis Wise. I'm sick to the back teeth of these small Dennis Wise jokes.You of all people should know why." The penny finally appeared to drop with Dec, who claimed he knew why he should knock the jokes on the head. It's because you're a little bit small isn't it?Viewers loved the funny exchange, writing on Twitter: "When @antanddec do the Dennis wise skit! "Find @antanddec talking about Dennis Wise being ‘a very small maaaaan’ too funny every night 😂."Love Ant and Dec too much their Dennis Wise jokes get me every time 😂😂 #Im ACelebrity.Last night viewers watched as Ant shouted at Dec to "shut up" when he delivered his nightly Dennis gag, and despaired as he thought Ant was annoyed because he was sensitive about his own height.