Dealing with hpv and dating avril lavigne dating marilyn manson

I didn't even know I had the virus because I don't have the strain that causes warts.I learned I had it when my pap smears started coming back abnormal. She has the strain that causes the abnormal papsmears. I give her credit for being some honest about it with me. It's tough to imagine not being intimate how how I would go about being "safe" about it.

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Heather replies: You will need to tell new partners about a sexually transmitted infection you have or have had, particularly one like human papillomavirus (HPV) where condoms reduce the risks of transmission, but not as well as they do for other kinds of infections.

Putting someone knowingly at risk of an infection — one that isn’t yet curable and which men also can’t be tested accurately for yet — without giving them a choice about if they WANT to take that risk isn’t okay as far as I’m concerned.

I know I had complications because during the time that I contracted it I was going through a severe derpession which brought my immune system down.

Another thing to remeber is that the body supresses the virus and eventually clears itself within a realtively short time frame 6-24 months. If you really care about her, do not let it get in the way. i would HATE for a guy i love to not want to be "with" me because of that.

He told me that he had dated and had sex with someone who had told him she had herpes. ....these things u have to ask urself..u answer yes to them allllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He also told me having an STD doesn't mean anything about anyone's character. ....she hard working educated and a good hearted person that makes u feel comfterble in any circumstance? then she sounds like a keeper and u would be very stupid to let her go!!!

There's no guarantee that she is, so I would hate to get the virus and then have to tell every woman I date that I have HPV. Just because you are dating doesn't mean you have to be intimate with each other, especially if you are concerned about transmission of HPV.

Remember too, that almost 80% of adults have HPV in one form or another, so chances are somewhere down the road you'll meet another girl who has it, and she may be your soul mate (as you put it).

I was told I could give blood (I donate too) even though I have HPV because it isn't passed through the bloodstream. If had them, then dating this girl wouldn't be an issue.

If you're looking for a sure-fire way to avoid getting HPV, then do not be intimate, period. I've talked to a close family member and he gave me good advice.

This girl is a sweetheart, but all my exs were sweethearts too. I've had blood tests done and I donate blood every 8 weeks.