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After contributors give him some money, he blatantly places stickers on embarrassing body parts, such as the genital region or breasts and on someone's rear in a deleted scene. Played by: David Walliams Episodes: Radio Show; Season 1, episodes 4 and 5 Catchphrase: "I love you Anne" and "I need you Anne" Peter Andre is a royal BBC correspondent who gets sacked after first making surreal and false claims about the Royal Family (such as Prince Charles having magical powers, describing The Queen as "The Main One" and mistaking Princess Eugenie for her mother, Sarah, Duchess of York) and then expressing his love for Princess Anne through song.

He later attempts to enter a royal garden party to give her some drawings, despite being scruffy and without trousers, and is turned away by police. There are also two deleted scenes in which Peter Andre appears backstage at the Royal Variety Performance and at a drug rehab centre.

Ant also questioned the music blunder as he noted the strange song choice: "Ghostbusters? "The ITV talent show then cut to a short break as the pair giggled about the soundtrack for TNG Characters exit from the stage.

In Little Britain Abroad, Anne met the Pope and went to the Louvre in Paris, from where she stole the Mona Lisa.She also licked the Pope's face, and showed him her fanny.She did not, however, appear in Little Britain USA.Played by: Matt Lucas Appearances: Season 3 episode 5 Ashraf is an Indian man working at the local computer shop.Played by: David Walliams Appearances: Starting in Series 2 Catchphrase: "Computer says no....

(coughs)" as well as offering bizarre substitutes to requests.

The two appear to be very skillful bank robbers, having a quick and simple manner of robbing a bank, with one going in and demanding money while the other drives the getaway vehicle, and a very secluded hideout.

However, it becomes clear that the two are actually too timid to rob the bank properly, with the one played by Lucas getting only a handful of desk pens and the one played by Walliams a desk marker saying "Position closed" on the second attempt, rather than money.

And also being quite annoyed by that sensation.” In fact, Mitchell had to wait three years before his feelings were reciprocated as Coren was dating another man.

The 38-year-old said that proposing in her kitchen was the most romantic gesture he had ever made, adding: “I was amazed that Victoria was surprised, given the bunch of flowers and my general nervousness.

This is by throwing them on the floor or making them do tricks in order to get the biscuit.