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With its magnificent manor house and beautiful grounds combined with the unparalleled (yet not over-bearing) levels of service enjoyed by all our clients and their guests, The Lawn has earned a reputation for excellence that is second to no other wedding venue in Essex.

It's definitely not for everyone but for the people who connect with it, they will be blown away.It is VERY uneven in plenty of spots - from cinematography to writing to acting - the movie is truly all over the place.We are not pushy and do not promote nor try to apply wedding packages but rather prefer to tailor the requirements to our clients’ own particular needs – all at a price that virtually everyone finds surprisingly affordable (usually less than most 'packages'!) with a clear and stated policy of 'no hidden extras.'For more information and to find out why we are considered to be one of the very best wedding venues in Essex.However, the Kent Board 11 did not have a published grade, but was nonetheless cleared by the County Match Controller after the event; Rule 5(c)(2)(i) of the SCCU County Match Rules specifies clearance.

Essex raised an objection and the CMC referred the matter to the Rules and Appeals Committee. This does not change the result of the match, but does adjust the Game Points to Kent 8-7 Essex; Game Points might, of course, become important in the final analysis.

But because of this, it gives the film a schizophrenic quality that brings it to a genius level and, I feel if properly showcased, could influence a whole generation of filmmakers. This is, without a doubt, the best movie that Troma has ever signed for distribution that I've seen so far.

Our wedding parties enjoy exclusive use of the venue, including the spacious Bride’s Room, from 9.30 in the morning through to midnight.

The Calendar has been updated to show the venue change.

Calendar Statistically it should have been a 10-6 home win, but was very nearly a steal by the visitors.

Happy skipper, Charlton Siddo, reports excellent performances from the talented Essex Juniors in a convincing victory. Other matches: Middx 7½-8½ Herts, Sussex 7-9 Surrey.