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You’re now competing with a rock star for her attention.It’s too loud to talk, it’s too crowded to move about and there’s no way you’re going to wrest her away from the stage.The first few dates should be about a venue where a connection can be explored and possibly pursued. This is why a man must have a serious menu of options for dates.

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Also in 1991, King won the top reporting prize from the Associated Press Managing Editors' Association for his coverage of the Gulf War in Kuwait.So I think for most people, this is part and parcel of life.To see how a male performer can impact women during a live performance, regardless of age, Google up this search term: “tom jones panties on stage” and read some of the articles.These are not young women flinging their lingerie around and Sir Tom Jones is no young whippersnapper at 74 years old.Yes, that happens and the stories sometimes surface on Reddit and no hilarity is involved, except for the band “meeting” the girl.

It’s a seriously unpleasant scenario for a young man.

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I would like to think I’m the kind of person who tends to be more romantic than not.