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Shy children have been found to be less competent at initiating play with peers.

School-age children who rate themselves as shy tend to like themselves less and consider themselves less friendly and more passive than their non-shy peers.

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Fearful shyness in response to new adults emerges in infancy.Cognitive advances in self-awareness bring greater social sensitivity in the second year.Increase in heart rate and blood pressure may occur.An observer recognizes shyness by an averted, downward gaze and physical and verbal reticence. Hyson and Karen Van Trieste Shyness is a common but little understood emotion.

Everyone has felt ambivalent or self-conscious in new social situations.

Extremely inhibited children show physiological differences from uninhibited children, including higher and more stable heart rates.

From ages 2 to 5, the most inhibited children continue to show reticent behavior with new peers and adults.

In fact, heredity may play a larger part in shyness than in any other personality trait.

Adoption studies can predict shyness in adopted children from the biological mother’s sociability.

Adults who constantly call attention to what others think of the child, or who allow the child little autonomy, may encourage feelings of shyness. Some children are dispositionally shy: they are more likely than other children to react to new social situations with shy behavior.