Dating rotograph postcards

While many of these cards are not difficult to find because of the large numbers produced, others are now rare.

Even though the population of Massachusetts was quite large by the mid-19th century, it wasn’t evenly distributed.

Most residents were concentrated in and around Boston, and then in the many coastal towns or mill towns on rivers.

This page contains both original essays and comments on postcards as well as articles formally published in Metro News, the bi-monthly bulletin of the Metropolitan Postcard Club while I served as editor. Railroads and trains proved to be one of the subjects that hooked men, and thus raised the status of postcard collecting.

Many of these reprinted articles have been enhanced on this website by adding additional content. Railroading in all its forms remained a popular hobby for most of the 20th century, and this in turn increased the popularity of railroad postcards that is still often reflected in their higher prices.

Small stores would often publish pictures of their local station, not just as a matter of pride, but because it was a favorite subject for commuters and tourists passing through.

Postcards depicting railroads has long been a popular theme for postcards. If you feel you may be offended by such content you should leave this page now. Aug 2006 - June 2007 Some of the content to be found in this section, including the archives deals with topics of a violent or sexual nature in both pictures and text, and is meant for a mature audience.In some cases the lone postcard is the only remaining record of their existence.Looking for postcard evidence becomes particularly interesting when trying to piece together entire railroad lines that have gone out of business.The most common route was by steamship, which carried passengers to New Bedford where they could pick up a northbound train.