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It takes you to one of the most atmospheric of all the falls in the Brecon Beacons’ Waterfall Country and is suitable for families, though young children should be supervised at all times since the path runs beside a fast-flowing river.

Analyses of tree orientation show that both horizontal and vertical trees are orientated in distinct directions.By comparison, the orientation of fallen trees in standing forests in Oregon, deciduous forests in Michigan, and redwood forests in California show a lack of orientation.In places, the vertical separation is actually very small; the new layer lying just above the stumps of the older layer.Close examination of the strata reveals typical evidence of sorting of layers, which tend to show reverse grading with the coarser material on top.The time implications for the formation of the petrified forests are thus consistent with the short chronology.

Further evidence for can be found in fossils that are embedded in more than one geological layer simultaneously a situation which is impossible if uniformitarian principles are applied. It has always been believed by scientists that must take place over millions of years. Instant petrification has been achieved artificially and under natural circumstances. Coffin, "Orientation of Trees in Yellowstone Petrified Forests," Journal of Palaeontology.

The footpath offers a smooth and continuous surface to stop seven.

After this point there is a set of steps to climb and 2 wooden bridges, with stiles, to cross.

This is inconsistent with trees being covered with ash while in a position of growth.

There are not only upright trees in these strata, but many horizontal trees as well.

Floodwaters together with volcanic ash would provide the perfect mineral combination for this process.