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I do not imagine that I will be able to get everything down in one go. Rogers & Brothers in Meriden Connecticut Purchased by Cephas B.

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Watch this video about finding the value of sterling silverware.Oneida Limited was not formed until 1880, but the roots of the company date to 1848, when a religious commune called the Oneida Community was founded by John Humphrey Noyes in Oneida, New York. It is just a small record of my experiences, hunting, researching and playing with silver and silver plate. If you do find it useful please feel free to leave a comment. One of the most frustrating parts of silver collecting it the lack of research data compiled in one place. If you use any information here please leave a link to the post for others. There are a number of makers of silver (both sterling and silverplate) that use the Rogers name.

This post is an attempt to create a list, history, and database that will make this situation a little less confusing. There is a great confusion about the firms bearing this name. Nathaniel Burton Rogers was senior member of the partnership with Mr. The firm used tools and machinery bought in 1879 from Rogers Cutlery Co. Until 1874 the firm was only a flatware manufacturer. In 1855 Simeon Rogers left the company and the '& Co' was dropped from the name. In 1872, when the William Rogers Manufacturing Co was incorporated, the Rogers were no longer associated to the firm (but later F. The number of companies using the Rogers name is countless. In 1834 William Rogers left the partnership and the business was transferred by Asa Jr. In 1838 William Rogers bought the spoon manufactory. Karcher until 1877, when he retired selling the business to Mr. The firm was known as manufacturer of jewel boxes still pictured in Sears catalogs in 1920 (Information courtesy Joanne Wiertella)A 1880 partnership of Samuel T. The firm lasted until 1882 when it was succeeded by Holmes and Edwards. It was one of the original companies becoming part of International Silver Company in 1898Active at Waterbury, CT (incorporated in 1886). The firm became William Rogers & Son in 1856 when his son William Henry Rogers entered in the partnership Organised in 1865 by William Rogers and his elder son Wm Rogers Jr (the other sons Asa Jr. Willson Rogers, younger son of William Rogers, entered in the firm as Secretary). She told me to be careful with it because she said it came from my grandfathers first marriage. Many sterling silver knives and serving pieces are weighted for usability purposes. Some other pieces have 1847 ROGERS BROS 12 with something at the end that looks like a circle or perhaps the inc. Keep in mind that precious metal refiners, like Arch Enterprises will only pay customers based on the precious metal content of the items you send to us.One of the first things to think about are the companies. These companies formed, merged, separated, folded and absorbed by each other. in 1879 Merged with International Silver Company in 1898 F. Rogers Silver Company Place: Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts Years: 1883 - 1886 to present Mergers: Absorbed West Silver Company. Rogers & Mead Place: Hartford Connecticut Years: 1845 - 1846 Founders: William Rogers Asa Rogers J.