Dating my american gun co shotgun

"Outstanding" a great word that describes this shotgun in every way.

This Fabulous round action Scottish gun has great dimensions, heavy proofs, and great wood and balance.

Safely out of his own hunting season, a daring deer has been caught on video ambling up to a turkey hunter and licking the barrel of his shotgun.

Leon Champine, Joe Pople and Corey Cook were out hunting for turkey in Hendricks County, Indiana this weekend when the group had the remarkable run-in with the deer.

With near 90% original case color and blue and wood finish this fine double is in outstanding condition and features the outstanding pre -war German craftsmanship one would expect. This is a fine shotgun that will make its next owner a fine bird gun that with care should last a lifetime.

At just over 6 1/2 pounds this light and high grade English boxlock balances well and has very modern dimensions.

Two curious deer, which appears to be about a year old, wanders right up to the hunters, nibbling at the bushes around them.'They were just simply inquisitive,' Champine said.

'I believe this is their first season without following mom around to teach them what is dangerous.'Cook captured the video of of one of the deer nosing right up to him and licking the barrel of his shotgun.The understated Teutonic use of horn and stock accents that give the guns an ever so slightly different look than the guns from England.The attention to detail, high craftsmanship, and balance I have always admired and this is fantastic example from one of Edinburgh's most famous makers.We got a good deal on it and are passing it on to you. The grade 40 features double sears, a long table flat, side clips and artisan deep chisel engraving just to name some of the many outstanding features.I really appreciate the beautiful original condition.Lancaster was a top London maker, highly respected in the trade. They are the tried and true Anson and Deeley design so are quite rough and tough.