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At that time the company was producing C1 type cargo ships for the U. The yard also produced minesweepers and many other specialty vessels. The front of the box bears the brass maker’s tag reading “HAMILTON WATCH CO. The chronometer itself is just under 5 inches in diameter.

In additional, commercial and private vessels originally built by the company were also converted for wartime use. An added important value of this offering is the fact that this chronometer is housed in its original hardwood outer carrying box with padded green felt lining in perfect original condition and bearing the identical Hamilton brass maker’s plaque.

Long known as a producer of fine quality pocket and wrist watches from the 1800’s into the early 20th century, the climate changed with the onset of WWII.

To their credit, Hamilton, which had never produced a chronometer before, stepped up to design and ultimately manufacture over 12,000 of its exquisite Model 21 chronometers. In doing so, the company drew heavily on the advances of its European competitor Ulysee Nardin.

After the War, Pusey and Jones tooled up to manufacture papermaking machinery. Some of the more notable vessels the company launched and provided machinery for were: Steamboat GAY HEAD U. The outer box measures 12 ¾ inches wide, 10 3/8 inches deep and 9 3/8 inches high.

The Hamilton Watch Company deserves a special place in American horological history.

Since that time the Chelsea Clock Company has manufactured over 1 million clocks! It is housed in its original rose bronze case of classic ship’s clock form with flared screw-on bezel and mounting flange. The back of the case is embossed “Waltham - - Clock Co.” It measures 4 7/8 inches in diameter and 2 ½ inches deep. Genuine 19th century ship's clock and barometer set consisting of a handsome 9 inch diameter clock together with a 9 1/2 inch diameter barometer/thermometer -- both in beautiful "rope" carved wooden cases.

Accordingly this clock is in the earliest 1 % of the prestigious company’s output! A matching serial number is stamped on the back of the case opposite the XII. NAVY Boat Clock .” It has bold silver Arabic numerals swept by silver spade hands of a minute chapter. It is in lovely cosmetic condition with a high polish and has just recently been professionally serviced and is an excellent time keeper. The quality clock has a white enameled zinc dial, bold Roman numerals, steel spade hands, large inset seconds bit and two winding arbors.A beautiful clock over 114 years old looking as good as the day it was made! Best known as a provider of fine jewelry, the company also produced and sold gold, silver, china, crystal and stationary. It is the exact type of watch used on Lieutenant Kennedy's famous "PT-109," which was re-discovered just a few years ago! The inner box is housed in its original padded outer mahogany carrying case with leather strap, button latch and nickeled brass nameplate reading "HAMILTON WATCH CO. Condition is outstanding inside and out with nominal signs of wear and use. In his very informative reference book "Military Timepieces" AWI Press, 1992, Marvin Whitney devotes several pages to the Hamilton 22, 35 size non-gimbaled chronometer watch. Very scarce World War I vintage clock made for the U. The back of the clock case bears the remnants of the old Ansonia label.* For the privacy and security of the ultimate buyer, this number is being withheld. In 1835, after becoming a master silversmith, Caldwell moved to New York City to work as an apprentice watchmaker to Samuel Benedict on Wall Street. Caldwell experienced rapid growth and moved repeatedly to ever larger facilities. Caldwell & Co were exhibitors at The Centennial Exposition in 1876, representing the American Jewelry Makers. It features Arabic numerals, seconds bit, blued steel hands, and an UP/DOWN winding indicator showing a 56 hour duration. On page 396 he states "The design characteristics which contributed most to the superior performance of this watch were: 1) An unusually long mainspring; 2) A biaxial thermal expansion type balance wheel equipped with chronometer type timing weights; and 3) a cam type micrometeric regulator." In short, a superior timekeeper in all respects.13.06 8 DAY CHRONOMETER. Outstanding original cosmetic condition throughout. The movement is in perfect working order and is an excellent time keeper. Zenith, founded in 1865, maintains a quality production of mechanical watches to this day.5.22 /13.05 EARLY U. The equally handsome barometer has an ornate white dial calibrated in inches from 27.8 to 31.2 in 2/100th increments and bears the standard weather indications "STORMY, RAIN, FAIR,' etc.Even more remarkable is the fact that they did it in a very short period of time, while maintaining the very demanding U. But not content to merely copy, Hamilton pushed the envelope. Navy chronometer stands at the pinnacle of ship chronometers ever made! One of the oldest, if not THE oldest Chelsea clocks available on the market today.Their chronometer was made with interchangeable parts and incorporated state-of-the-art innovations in metallurgy which greatly improved the performance and maintenance of their chronometers in the wartime setting. This venerable veteran with matching movement and case numbers of 8XXX* dates to 1903, only 6 years into Chelsea’s founding in 1897. The high grade jeweled movement is all brass and is housed in its heavy solid brass case with classic ship’s clock flared bezel and mounting flange.The wind and set function are made from the back with the original double-ended brass key. For ease of winding and setting it is equipped with a hinged bezel opening and closing on an elaborate brass button latch. PAT OFF.” The dial has bold Arabic numerals and a minute chapter swept by Breguet-type “moon” hands.