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English musician Paul Mc Cartney had numerous relationships during his early life in Liverpool, and during his time with the Beatles.

He was engaged to Dot Rhone, actress Jane Asher, and married three times: to Linda Eastman, Heather Mills and Nancy Shevell.

They had one child, Beatrice, in 2003, but were living apart by May 2006.

On 11 June 2002, Mc Cartney married Mills in an elaborate ceremony at Castle Leslie in Glaslough, County Monaghan, Ireland, where more than 300 guests were invited and the reception included a vegetarian banquet.Mc Cartney started dating Shevell in November 2007.She later married Liverpool poet Roger Mc Gough, but remembered Mc Cartney as growing from a "plump young schoolboy into someone very much his own person" during their time together.Years later, Cynthia Lennon gave back to Rhone the gold ring that Mc Cartney had bought her in Hamburg, having once tried it on while Rhone was washing dishes, and forgotten to take it off.He wrote several songs at the Ashers' house, including "Yesterday".

Asher inspired other songs, such as "And I Love Her", "You Won't See Me" and "I'm Looking Through You".

He later said that his wife was the woman who "gave me the strength and courage to work again", after the break-up of the Beatles.

After having sparked the interest of the tabloids about his appearances at events with former model, amputee, and campaigner against landmines Heather Mills, Mc Cartney appeared publicly beside her at a party in January 2000, to celebrate her 32nd birthday.

Mc Cartney had a three-year relationship with Dot Rhone in Liverpool, buying her a gold ring in Hamburg.

In London, Mc Cartney had a five-year relationship with Asher, living in her parents' house for three years.

It was such a funny introduction that it threw us both off guard.