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Unfortunatley it was too shrill and needed to be cranked really hard.

Even then there was too much of the ice picky attack in the treble notes.

First we implemented the bright cap mod due to the bright speaker.

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The circuit was then significantly different from the blackface circuit.

Hence, the price for this amp is lower than it’s predecessors.

Summary The Deluxe Reverb 1×12″ has for decades been one of the most popular amps among all Fender amps, and its popularity is still growing as the demand for low wattage tube amps increases.

The combination of size, weight and performance makes the Deluxe Reverb a true road warrior on gigs and practise.

The DR is a small/medium-sized amp with an ability to deliver both sparkling clean tones and low wattage breakup at 22W with 6V6 tubes and relatively small transformers (power and output).

It has found its way in to more recording studios, clubs and bars than any other Fender amp. It is just powerful enough to cut through in practise in a band with a drummer and, unlike some bigger amps, it will reach its sweet spot at a reasonable volume.

Even the in-between pickup positions on strats came out quacky and cool without breaking our ears.

The amp was now a true texas hot rod amp reaching an approx. The tone reminded us very much of the 64′ Vibroverb diaz mod from Fender custom shop, just a little sweeter with earlier breakup. A few years later we have several spakers in this amp next to the JBLd120f.

Why has the desire for low wattage amps with 20-25 watts of tube power come up so late?

Both the Deluxe Reverb (DR) and Princeton Reverb (PR) “survived” the CBS silverface periods with minor changes.

Many people consider the silverface amps just as sonically good as the blackface models.