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In a high percentage of tumors, they discovered a weak spot in the genome of the cancer cells that may serve as a therapy target in the future.

Ependymoma refers to a heterogeneous group of cancers that can occur at any age and is one of the most common types of brain cancer in children.

two million euros to fund his research [More] European Research Council grants approx.

[More] DFG supports development of micro-optical systems for use in astronomical instruments [More] European Research Council awards two million euros for quantum physics research [More] Professor Rahul Mukherji, head of department of Political Science at SAI, helped launch the South Asia in World Politics Section [More] Heidelberg physicists develop new dating method for the earth and environmental sciences [More] Heidelberg molecular biologists pursue experiments in Parkinson's research [More] European Research Council awards approximately two million euros for chemist's project [More] European Research Council grants approx.

1.7 million euros to astrophysicist [More] The Cluster “Asia and Europe” offers a mobility-option for students of the M. Transcultural Studies [More] European Research Council awards approx.

Propylaeum, der von der UB Heidelberg und der BSB München betriebene Fachinformationsdienst für die Altertumswissenschaften, ist ein eng an den Bedürfnissen der Forscher ausgerichtetes Informations- und Serviceportal.

Unsere von der DFG geförderten Aktionsfelder zum Aufbau von forschungsunterstützenden Services sind "Suchtechnologie", "E-Publishing / Open Access", "Digitalisierung / Onlinepräsentation forschungsrelevanter Bestände" sowie "Wissenschaftskommunikation".

Analyzing the DNA tags might help to better adjust therapy to the individual situation in the future.

Six young cancer researchers can look forward to receiving science awards on Tuesday, December 19, 2017.

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The genetic causes for its development are largely unknown and there are no targeted treatments to date. and Canada, have now developed a molecular approach that opens new treatment prospects.

Scientists from the "Hopp Children's Cancer Center at the NCT Heidelberg" (Ki TZ), in collaboration with colleagues from the U. Not only genetic changes but also certain DNA tags play a role in the development of cancer.

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