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In the summer of 2007, Stephanie returned to Salem and convinced Chelsea to work with her as a waitress for "Touch the Sky" airlines- jet service to Las Vegas that serviced high rollers.

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Not long after they returned, Chelsea and Nick began dating.Chelsea found out that Nick had a one night stand with Billie.Chelsea was so determined to get Patrick for herself she drugged Patrick, and when that didn't seem to work, she spiked Billie Reed's drink at Alice's, not realizing it would drive Patrick and Billie into each other's arms.On the day of Abby Deveraux's seventeenth birthday, Chelsea, Abby and her parents had been out for the day until they ended up in a horrific car accident which took the life of both of Chelsea's parents.Chelsea, Billie, and some of the other sorority sisters tried to take the information to the dean, but Ford Decker's dad was very good friends with the dean and no action was taken against Ford.

Chelsea and her sorority sisters decided to teach Ford a lesson.

They lured him to the sorority house where Chelsea drugged Ford's drink.

The intent was to embarrass Ford, but the night turned violent when Ford drugged Chelsea's drink and tried to rape her. Chelsea kept the secret for weeks until finally telling Ford's dad and the police what happened to Ford.

Chelsea also had a problem with driving, and after two close calls had her license revoked.

At Bo's insistence she began taking driving lessons, and after she assured him that her instructor thought she was doing great, Bo agreed to lend her his car on New Year's Eve.

While working her community service at the hospital, she came across paper work that said that Shawn Douglas was Claire's biological father, not Phillip. The test proved that Shawn was Claire's dad and all charges were dropped against Chelsea.