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The site of the first human settlement; the seat of the Greek, Roman and Ottoman Empires; the birthplace of Homer and the last home of the Virgin Mary; the originator of yogurt and that presenter of coffee to the West - just a microscopic sampling of Turkey's extraordinary heritage.

Today, this large country, twice the size of California, with its spectacular coastline, majestic mountains, cosmopolitan cities and quaint villages is one of the world's most desirable destinations, a captivating blend of East and West, antiquity and contemporary, the exotic and the familiar.

The most popularly accepted credit cards are American Express, Diner's Club, Visa and Master Card.Exchange offices in resort areas and major tourist destinations are generally open until midnight. Visas may be obtained upon any Turkish entry point or in advance from one of the Turkish Consulates around the U. Application for a business visa must be made ahead of time.Since then, we have had 12 international conferences with over 3,000 participants from 34 countries in attendance at these events.Based on full manuscripts, 80 Young Investigator Awards were awarded during the past 12 years.He is the Founder & Director of the Penn State Hershey Pediatric Cardiovascular Research Center. √úndar has also established an International Conference on Pediatric Mechanical Circulatory Support Systems and Pediatric Cardiopulmonary Perfusion.

The first annual meeting was held at the Hotel Hershey, Hershey, Pennsylvania in May of 2005.His passion is the development of novel technologies and methodologies to be used in minimizing the adverse effects of cardiovascular operations, mechanical circulatory support systems and cardiopulmonary bypass procedures in neonates, infants, and children. √úndar focuses on research in minimizing cerebral, myocardial, pulmonary, and renal injury during and after pediatric cardiopulmonary bypass procedures and mechanical circulatory support.His research specialties include pediatric heart-lung machines, pulsatile versus non-pulsatile perfusion, pediatric mechanical circulatory support systems, complement, neutrophil, platelet, and cytokine inhibition during pediatric open-heart procedures, microdevices for measuring systemic inflammation in real-time, detection and classification of microemboli, blood viscoelasticity, and plasma proteomics.PREFERRED TITLE/ROLE: Professor of Pediatrics, Surgery, and Bioengineering SECONDARY APPOINTMENT(S)/ INSTITUTE(S)/ CENTER(S): Surgery and Bioengineering GRADUATE PROGRAM AFFILIATIONS: Bioengineering, MD/Ph D Degree Program EDUCATION: B. Therefore, he intentionally stayed in academia in an effort to improve the lives of underserved individuals regardless of the commercial profit. His aspiration for biomedical engineering was and still is to help underserved populations.While the coastal areas enjoy milder climates - warm summers and mild winters - the inland Anatolian plateau experiences extremes of hot summers and cold winters with limited rainfall.16th largest in the world and the strongest in the Balkans, the Black Sea and Caspian basin, Central Asia and the Middle East - with an average growth rate over the past 30 years of around five percent.