Dating a man with ocd

I could go on and on about my quirks and they are different for every person who has OCD.

I am one lucky girl because I have a boyfriend who loves me for me unconditionally.He accepts all my flaws (trust me, there are a lot) and I accept his.So let me try and explain it to y'all in the simplest way I can. Mine usually consist of the dangerous "what ifs" and doubts about myself and my decisions.This then sets me into an anxiety phase where I actually get worried and fear those "what ifs" and doubts even though they are not reality.If I allow my boyfriend to help (bless him), it usually ends in a mess.

I become flustered and cry because he's not doing it right and he becomes annoyed because he does not understand how to help me or why I am flustered.

Regardless of the actual physical attractiveness of the men, women tend to rate men as more appealing when they are dating an attractive female partner (Waynforth, 2007; Yorzinski and Platt, 2010).

However, this same research finds that the reverse is also true: Men are perceived as appealing when they date an unattractive female partner.

Why are women like this attracted to men who are already in relationships?

We call this phenomenon “mate-choice copying,” and it occurs in other animals, including fish and birds.

However, women may choose to try to attract mated men when they are particularly dissatisfied with their current relationships (Schmitt & Buss, 2001). And Some Women Are Not Attracted to Mated Men Mate choice copying is less common among women who have had more sex partners (Waynforth, 2007).