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Moana, Ariel and Aurora are going on a weekend getaway in Moana's old van.

Travelling in a van remind them of the hippies so they've decided to take that theme the whole way with a hippie makeover not only for themselves - but for the van as well!

The black turtlenecks and trousers worn by the Beatniks, male and female, morphed into peasant blouses and jeans.

Anything handmade, whether sewn, knit or woven as macramé, was prized.

Hightower replies, "It's across the border into Canada." Washington State lies between Oregon and Canada; it's very unlikely that the train would bypass Washington state.

See more » For the most part, this is an enjoyable "flashback" for most folks, a look back at the wild and crazy late 1960s.

There was usually quite a bit of color and the clothes could involve: It's been talked about so much that it's now a cliché, or even a joke, but flowers were very emblematic of the hippie movement.

Nothing represented peace and love so much as a flower, and they were everywhere.

For those who think that period was the beginning of the end, morally and culturally for the U. Regardless of where one is politically, the film moves very fast, is very entertaining, and has almost no credibility.

In parts, it's just embarrassing it is so ludicrous.

Music being so much a part of the hippie scene, jewelry that made music was desirable.

Some women wore necklaces that featured bells as pendants, and many wore jangly ankle bracelets.

I would have enjoyed it more without all the blasphemous exclamations out of Keifer Sutherland's mouth.