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And if the celebrity can’t reasonably control the social demand placed on them, they must leave.

Women can find themselves in a similar situation, with the added pressure of the male-dominated gender imbalance.

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You can reasonably initiate social contact with (most) men. It’s not a double standard, because there is a difference in the experiences of men and women.Women live in a world where sexual harassment is a very real problem, where men being assertive can be perceived to be threatening, and where women feel like they need to be on their guard in case a friendly gesture is misinterpreted.We furries have the same problem as gamers, cosplayers, and sports fans: if you’re female and wish to attend an event, you have to prepare yourself for the possibility of receiving unwelcome attention.Some women are naturally more able to ignore or combat this attention; other women simply stop going.A single approach, no matter how friendly and well-meaning, can be sufficiently difficult such that it undermines all the good things about being around friends and furries at a gathering.

I feel like I’m wading into the territory of men’s rights here, a mostly internet-based philosophy that suggests that men have the raw end of the gender stick.People who are well known will be in demand, and they may find themselves constantly interrupted by well-meaning fans.There are opportunities for fans to meet and socialize with the celebrity, but these need to be controlled by the celebrity, otherwise they risk being overwhelmed by the attention.And many of those will already be in a relationship, or otherwise not available.You can read how we reached that conclusion, along with some discussion in a previous article (which has my favourite title to date): It’s Raining Men. Please Accept Our Apology and If you have a Premium Membership, please Contact support so you can get your account refunded.