Dating a bipolar woman

Your partner will play into this, claiming that other people are just jealous of what you have or are just trying to bring you two down. For example, if someone hurts them, they feel they have a right to retaliate.

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They might tell you you are not allowed to hang out with a certain person anymore, or wear a certain shirt, or go to a certain restaurant. Because they have a depressing family life, come from a broken home, had parents that didn’t love them right, are in debt, can’t hold a job, have a disease, a psychotic ex, a broken heart, low self-esteem….whatever their story is, they will make you feel sympathy for it. As real as they might be, and as sad as they might be, they are a trap that keeps you stuck. I guess there were signs earlier on…would try to go about how he always disappoints everyone.blah (as if I would have ever said he was a disappointment -this was in the beginning when i thought he was perfect…. The first year of our relationship was mostly great. We are both dog lovers and about a year and few months into our relationship, we got a brand new puppy to add to the dog that he already have. Soon after, I found texts he had been writing to another woman. He made the most ridiculous lies about about the whole situation, but he is a lawyer and commited to those lies. These dogs…I know its stupid, but they are really important to me. I can’t bare the thought of leaving them behind and especially my puppy.has spent all but 4 weeks of her life with me…I cant imagine leaving her(and him bringing that woman into her life).

Of course, your partner is allowed to do whatever he or she wants and you are not allowed to question them, but they will control everything you do. You can’t control what happened to them, and you can’t solve it for them. He mad me feel like a bad person for even suspecting him of anything (even though it was pretty blatant). Eventually, I figured out it was a woman that lives a street over who I have to see every day (I do not know her at all). She follows us around the neighborhood all the time.

If you are a peaceful person, you might find yourself constantly fighting. You feel like there is something seriously wrong with you. You might say that you aren’t comfortable staying overnight together–your partner does so anyway. He or she might get upset–especially if you try to break up with them or say that you are leaving–however, there is no underlying remorse for hurting you. He or she might say that they are sorry if they hurt you (hit you, scream at you, cheat on you…etc.) and promise that it will never happen again, but their apology is more manipulative than sincere. They might speak badly about a previous partner, claiming that their previous partner was crazy, or a bitch, or an asshole.

They will make you feel like you are the one that is going crazy instead of them. You might worry about what you wear and what you say and freak out if someone changes your plans or something unexpected happens that you will have to explain later. You’re not quite sure what will set them off, but you are afraid that something you do is going to make them lose their temper… You might think that the Bears are the best football team–your partner will convince you that you are stupid for thinking so because they suck. They might talk about cheating on an old partner, or be proud of their reputation.

Even if you were perfect, your partner would make you out to be completely messed up. They can be funny, easy-going, exciting, attractive. You feel a pull to them, and they make you feel special. They act as if they are the smartest, hottest, richest or most successful person and everyone knows it. You did something wrong first to make them explode. He would probably be happy and go around telling the people we know and care about around here that I was horrible.

If he or she does something that is clearly wrong, they will find a way to turn it back around on you. They will even tell you this if they get the chance. The police have always been out to get them even though they never do anything wrong. He used to be amazed that he was even with me (he had a crush on me a long time ago). If you are in danger of harming yourself or others, call 911 immediately.The extreme highs and lows of bipolar disorder can leave you with unanswered questions and fears about the future.Whether you’re in the midst of a crisis or seeking to prevent another episode, the trained support specialists at a bipolar hotline can provide information about the disorder, connect you with potential treatment options, and provide guidance on how to reduce the impact of the illness on your daily functioning.Bipolar disorder helplines are completely anonymous, so you shouldn’t be afraid to bring up any questions or personal concerns. It seems like your partner is two completely different people. Your partner finds faults with your friends or makes you feel bad or uncomfortable about any time you spend with other people. You want to believe that this is possible, but the cycle keeps repeating and each time your self-esteem is chipped away at, bit by bit. He might hit or kick your dog whenever he comes over.