Darren sharper dating dollicia bryan

Dollicia quickly shot down the whisperings via Twitter on Tuesday morning.The cover girl and rap video hottie said, "for the record don't believe media I've NEVER even met Reggie Bush."Dollicia was spotted Monday night grabbing dinner at Mr. For the record reports that Sharper had nothing but nice things to say about Reggie.Sharper who has pleaded not guilty to the charges in Los Angeles is also under investigation in Las Vegas, Tempe, Ariz., and Miami Beach. The man is in deep trouble with the law, is there anyone on his side?? In 2010 it was reported Darren Sharper and his off-and-on girlfriend/baby’s mother Patricia had finally patched things up and were preparing to settle down.

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The 38-year-old has had his glory days, both on and off the field.

He’s been linked to more than a few ladies, according to the site whosdatedwho, he’s been linked to Dominica Westling, actress Gabrielle Union (pictured above) and Dollicia Bryan.

Last month the news broke out Sharper had been accused of multiple sexual assaults, one in October 2013 and then again in January 2014.

Sharper who since retire back in 2012 had been working for the NFL Network was kicked out!

Since this story first broke, it has become far more serious.

Sharper was accused of drugging and raping as many as 16 women in four states.but did you know when they first met, Gabby wasn’t interested? At one point, Darren Sharper’s girlfriend Elizabeth Morris was also his publicist.I write about movies for Zimbio.com, which means I spend way too much time thinking about the geekiest possible ways to approach the cineplex. Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade are a plethora of people’s marriage goals with their public displays of sweet black love… In addition to speaking on her man, Gabby’s been giving wayward Trump supporters the BUSINESS on her Twitter. By now, you have probably heard about the fall out of former NFL safety, Darren Sharper.