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Las Divinas think they have it in the bag, but Patito ruins their plans.

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Ana takes charge of the cafeteria at the neighborhood high school called el(the) CAMP and lives in the same establishment in which el(the) CAMP is located.

There Patito comes to study and soon meets a group of new friends.

She finds herself caught in an amorous discord on account of Giovanni, a newcomer to the community (but not a student at CAMP).

Giovanni's arrival represents immediate competition to Mateo and all the other CAMP boys, yet he becomes Antonella's ally as she attempts to take Patito out of the Divinas' way.

Antonella reconsiders and has a change of heart without ceasing to divinee as estypid.

Later, Mateo wants to dedicate a song to Patito, but Giovanni plans to do the same—he's stolen Mateo's song.

The goal is to represent the school, but Las Populares and Las Divinas do not agree with each other.

There is only one way: a competition that decides who will sing in public.

In 2009, he began a highly publicized relationship with actress Danna Paola.

La cantante Danna Paola, de 18 años de edad, fue captada besando al actor Eleazar Gómez, de 27 años de edad.

Patito tells her that she has nothing to forgive, that for her, they were always friends and they return to being so. Finally, they show you what their future was like and what they did, but you don't actually see them acting it out.