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The romantic classic Dirty Dancing turns 30 this year, and just in time for the big anniversary, ABC is set to air a new musical version of the film on May 24 — with Abigail Breslin standing in for Jennifer Grey and newcomer Colt Prattes taking over Patrick Swayze's roll.But while some are excited to see what's in store, many die-hards are a bit more wary.[On Dirty Dancing] I learned basically one dance over a one-and-a-half month shoot. It's a completely different level of dancing, much more complicated, much more challenging,' she said.

But when the woman playing Marjorie got sick, Kelly was offered her part.'Kerry Orbach whispered in my ear, "Take it, it’s better,"' she told People. He took me under his wing.'Several TV and movie roles later — including in Private Parts and Wonder Boys — she started what is arguably her most beloved role to date: Emily Gilmore on Gilmore Girls.

The now-73-year-old starred on seven seasons of the popular show before coming back for the Netflix revival last year.

Afterward, she had only small roles in the movie Stealing Home and the series Doctor Doctor.

Despite being misquoted as saying she blamed the movie for her lack of success, the self-proclaimed 'stay-at-home actress' told Movie Fone in 2012, 'I don't blame Dirty Dancing for my flat career at all.' 'I think Dirty Dancing gives the impression I'm a horrible singer,' she went on, but added, 'I'm extremely grateful to have been in Dirty Dancing.' Now 59, Jane has an adult daughter, volunteers at Santa Monica's Virginia Avenue Project, and — according to IBDB — contributed to the 2014 stage musical of Dirty Dancing by co-writing the song Lisa's Hula.

After Dirty Dancing, Patrick went on to star in Road House (which is also getting the remake treatment) and Ghost, among other smaller films.

He was still keeping busy in 2004 — 13 years after being named People's Sexiest Man Alive — when he took on a small cameo in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.Now 60, Cynthia hasn't acted since 1991's Curse of the Crystal Eye, deciding to be a stay-at-home mother to sons Lucas, Jesse, and Brandon.Jane Brucker's biggest role was as Baby's annoying older sister Lisa.But a few years later, in 2008, he revealed that he was battling pancreatic cancer. He was fearless and insisted on always doing his own stunts, so it was not surprising to me that the war he waged on his cancer was so courageous and dignified.'When I think of him, I think of being in his arms when we were kids, dancing, practicing the lift in the freezing lake, having a blast doing this tiny little movie we thought no one would ever see.'A year after playing the frustrated older sister in Ferris Bueller's Day Off alongside her then-boyfriend Matthew Broderick, Jennifer starred in her most iconic role: 17-year-old Baby Houseman.The actor continued to work through his illness, starring in the A&E Network show The Beast for a single season before succumbing to the disease. His co-star Jennifer said at the time: 'Patrick was a rare and beautiful combination of raw masculinity and amazing grace. She'd actually acted with Patrick once before, in 1984's Red Dawn, though this film was a bigger success, earning Golden Globe nominations for both of them. After having solved the filmmaking problem of “rave critical reviews glowing audience response = success” with “Paddington” in 2015, much of the same creative team is back for a sequel that improves upon its impressive original installment.