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Cupid works on the philosophy that the best way for its members to find romance is to allow them to do the matchmaking on their own.

The site lets its users create a personal profile, webcam recordings, a brief bio, a physical description, plus lists of their personal interests.

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And when I wrote them to take her profile down, they refused, saying only she could do that. They said an email will be sent to me in 24 to 48 hours. It is really confusing to read all the negative reviews. I have met my (ex)girlfriend on Cupid so i know that it is absolutely not a fake dating site!!!A month later, they sent a message saying they had, so I went to the site to make sure, and I had received ANOTHER message from the dead woman's account saying she was "real and horny, want to chat? If I was single I would come back to Cupid or Mingle2day as I know that those sites are the best. I was looking at this site about three months ago and joined for about 2 weeks.Will make a final decision when the three months are up but not a bad site at all. Fake profiles from Ukraine and other countries are on their websites. Make your review of them on this website or others for scammers.they are fakers from Ukraine and introduce themselves they are from australia when you go on one of their 30 websites . if you have already paid try to get your money back . They are very professional and have tens of websites under cupid media as and all of them are fake . Also never put your ID as verification process as they steal identity .I am filing a dispute with B of A against this payment.

Tried Cupid for a bit of a laugh and its pretty good actually. I actually joined up the same week I joined We Just and although Ive had more dates with We Just Fit, I think Ill keep up my Cupid subscripsion anyway, as its good to have a few options and its not to expensive.

I decided it wasn't for me, and subsequently cancelled my membership. Then 3 days ago I began to see messages from users in my email.

Today I was checking my bank account and found that this company processed a charge of .98 on my Pay Pal account!!! I have tried to contact Pink Cupid all day with no result.

Everything from death in the family, my kid needs an operation, i need an operation, omg i just got robbed etc ... Stay away and save your $$$ I paid for a six month membership upgrade.

I received an email confirming that my membership had been upgraded. Logging in a day later I was back at free membership. I think I need to change my bank account because I'm afraid these thieves will take more money even after cancelling. I know a few people who have found love on Cupid but it has not happened for me im afraid.

Sorry to generalize but a lot of these women are broke,you are nothing but an ATM.