sexi cam Contact updating

We store contact information using specific role titles.

This means contact roles aren’t always the same as your job title.

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After all the files are downloaded to the USB flash drive, eject the device from the computer and insert the USB flash drive in the radio USB port.TIP: If the message “The following update file is invalid SMD file” is displayed, follow the steps in #PI0914 to change the date and time to continue programming.Once the software is downloaded to the USB, do not add any data to the flash drive.The USB 2.0 flash drive should be a known good device with a light to confirm the device is reading/writing when attempting to access.This is so we can communicate with the right person when we need to. To add a new role to the existing contact, click ‘add new role to contact’ and follow the instructions.

To add a new contact, click the ‘create new contact’ button and follow the instructions. To change someone’s contact information, click ‘update’. To remove a role, click ‘remove role from contact’ and follow the instructions.

Programming Instructions The latest calibrations for the radio are available on TIS2Web.

Reprogram the radio following the Service Programming System (SPS) procedures in the appropriate Service Information.

In these cases, you must delete the existing contact so you can enter a replacement.

You can use the same person as a contact in many roles.

To delete a contact and their role, click ‘delete contact’ and follow the instructions. The ‘Institution Details’ section shows the information we hold about your institution. If any information is incorrect, please tell us using our enquiry form.