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For context I spent my freshman year in public markets, one semester of sophomore year in a PE Firm and now potentially the summer in another PE Firm (with a different focus). Do top corp dev teams recruiting from MM...**Massive Testo** plan.

So I stuck to corporate finance recruiting and got a tec... Looking at their SA process and curious how their interview proce...Hey all, new to the forum and thought I'd reach out for some advice. I'm fine with wearing a nice suit and french cuffs when appropriate. What schools require a collar (does HBS require it)?In particular, i’m interested in any insight on their infra team in NY, but any experience or knowledge would be helpful.In particular, i’m interested in learning about the following: - what the...Do you have any alternatives in mind for a similar budget or is that the ...

Hey everyone , I'm currently a HS senior looking to find a HF internship the summer before college. Having said that, Presidents say a lot of stuff in private, b...By then I'll be 18 (can sign NDA and won't be a minor anymore). Recently I am involved in an academic integrity case (plagiarism: lack of in-text citation). Hi Guys, This community has given me so much throughout the years - from really solid advice to laughter.Some of my accomplishments — 1st place Stevens Institute of Technology Trading Day 2017 (competed against 20-30 other teams, ha... I will get a D in this course and my overall GPA will drop from 3.9 to 3.6 because of this. I'm reaching out to you now because I have no where else to go, and really hope that some of you who probably have a lot more experience can give me some solid advice. Ended up with a few offers from top MMs and signed with one (shops like HLHZ, HW, Blair).What is the story behind the fact that bonds are quoted in 1/32 increments or tics? 1) My understanding is that single name CDS is only pretty much active for financials and some sovereigns. However I will need to contribute 20% of GP commitment of 1% of total raised capital (1% * 350 * 20% = 700k) as a co-invest in orde...Hey all, Just wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge in regards to IFM investors.This means I marry someone w...**Blue Fortera** if the sickness isn't being dealt with properly. I'm a college sophomore at a target, and currently at about million altogether.