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Physicist: Colors exist in very much the same way that art and love exist.They can be perceived, and other people will generally understand you if you talk about them, but they don’t really exist in an “out in the world” kind of way.Our brains automatically fill in our blind spots for us, but various visual exercises can prove that it's there.

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If the fovea didn't exist and photoreceptor density were uniform across the surface of the retina, we wouldn't need to do this - we'd only need to turn our head slightly so that the event at least fell within our field of vision.

The foveal area is a relatively small portion of the visual field, about 10 degrees wide.

The coloring of the rainbow is nothing more than a shared (reliable, consistent, and kick-ass) illusion.

The lack of objective colorness is a real pain for the science of photography.

Some species have many more rods, especially those adapted to living at night.

Some owls have night vision 100 times more acute than that the sight we are accustomed to.The second notable structural characteristic in the retina is our blind spot.This is where the optic fiber connects up to the back of the retina to get visual information, precluding the existence of photoreceptors in a small spot.Rods and cones perform a function called phototransduction, which simply means converting incoming light into electrical signals to be sent to the brain, making sight possible.All these cells contain photoreceptive proteins with various pigment molecules. In cones, various pigments can be found, allowing the eye to distinguish between different colors.When light associated with the pigment impacts the photoreceptor cell, it sends a signal down the optic fiber, otherwise, it doesn't.