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For all Sherlock fans - it does not matter if you have not watched CID.The case is described in the story well enough to make sense. Forty – three letters that meant the world to them.“You do realize I’m more than a decade your junior, right?

“Thorin Oakenshield, did you get soused on mead and marry me underneath Beorn’s staircase? Yes.”The better part of two lines from “I cannot believe you’re coming to me with this,” Ed muttered, rubbing his forehead tiredly.

His hair was a mess of flaxen tangles that were clearly the product of having agitated fingers run through it one too many times.

The whole case in word format, with a few parts with Abhijeet's point of view. The Incomplete Revenge : For The Dark Sunshine Challenge.

Abhijeet always felt that his revenge was incomplete. He should have felt the fear of certain death approach him.

Kindly Cruel : Kuroba Kaito wonders why it never bothers Kudo Shinichi that he used to be Kaitou Kid – a criminal. For all the times the Heisei Holmes exposes the criminals' deeds in front of large audiences, in a humiliating manner, none of them ever retaliate.

Because, they alone can see the kindness hidden behind his cruel actions. The Oath : The Oath was much more complicated than Seirin knew it to be. Consequences Of Our Actions : The Kudo's made a big mistake in playing a prank on Conan.Nothing seemed to go right, but one thing was certain - this was the most complicated case he had ever worked on. But getting involved in the deadly case that had been the cause of said disappearance? But given another chance, Heiji wouldn't change a thing.Because being friends with Shinichi had been the best thing that happened to him.It never occurred to anyone that there was no Number Three.“Listen to me very carefully, Potter.If my aunt acquires one of those puppies for you and it gets within slobbering distance of my home…It wasn't just to pose a challenge to each other on the court or to prove themselves to be the best among them – it was a game on the realistic board of life, it was a promise, it was a decision that would affect them forever. Unable to recognise the Night Baron and Edogawa Fumiyo's true identity in his disoriented state, Conan escapes. The Never Ending Tale : Ever heard of the never ending tale? A story that keeps changing its plot, keeps moving onward with no fixed end in sight – a flowing fable that never stops…Care to be a part of this mystical world?