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You need to understand that the military is not a democracy and you will not be treated like an equal, because you are not.Understand that this is part of the military culture and you will be OK.You will need to prepare for isolation and having everything you are familiar with be removed from your life.

Unfortunately people assume that we drink more and cuss more.And some people take these assumptions and put a negative twist on it.^^^ based on my ex and his buddies they were a bunch of drunken fools, though I am not saying all soldiers are like that, I know many that are not like that.I'm new to this online thing, so I guess I'm just looking to chat, and see where it goes.Books were a important part of my life growing up, and all the more now that I have money to buy the books I want.I am 19 years old in campbell river BC, canada and i've just recently gone through the last of my testing to join reg force in the canadian army.

I am simply posting to see if I can find anyone who either has just recently gone through the same stuff or is already in the military just recently or for a long while.Shortcuts Canadian dating site Canadian girls Canadian guys Browse members by states: I love to snowboard, skidoo, golf, and play any winter sport.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.What exactly about uniform dating interests you so much?They also give me some quiet me time, which I believe everyone needs from time to time. Just your average guy trying out this internet dating site setup for military types.