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Our recommendations reflect a public health approach to reduce harm and promote health.We also took a precautionary approach to minimize unintended consequences, given that the relevant evidence is often incomplete or inconclusive.

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We cannot, and should not, expect to turn this around overnight.

While moving away from cannabis prohibition is long overdue, we may not anticipate every nuance of future policy; after all, our society is still working out issues related to the regulation of alcohol and tobacco.

November 30, 2016 The Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada The Honourable Jane Philpott Minister of Health The Honourable Ralph Goodale Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Dear Ministers, Please find attached the final report of the Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation.

This report is the product of our consultations with Canadians, provincial, territorial and municipal governments, Indigenous governments and representative organizations, youth, patients and experts in relevant fields.

One of the predominant features of our deliberations has been the diversity of opinions, emotions and expertise expressed by those who came forward.

People and organizations gave generously of their time and reflections.

This report is a synthesis of Canadian values, situated in the times in which we live, combined with our shared experiences and concerns around a plant and its products that have touched many lives in many ways.

For millennia, people have found ways to interact with cannabis for a range of medical, industrial, spiritual and social reasons, and modern science is only just beginning to unpack the intricacies of cannabinoid pharmacology.

In closing, we recognize and thank all those who contributed to our work, in particular our colleagues on the Task Force, the Secretariat and Eric Costen, who provided outstanding leadership.

We formally acknowledge Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his vision in initiating this process and for seeing it through.

It has been a privilege to consult with so many people over the last five months, and we are deeply thankful to all those who provided their input, time and energy to us. Ware (Vice Chair) Susan Boyd (Member) George Chow (Member) Marlene Jesso (Member) Perry Kendall (Member) Raf Souccar (Member) Barbara von Tigerstrom (Member) Catherine Zahn (Member) When the Task Force first assembled in June 2016, we each brought a range of individual perspectives on cannabis.