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Bred from the technological heritage of Bell Labs and Furukawa Electric Company, OFS Labs delivers best in class research and development to maintain our cutting edge leadership and to give value to our customers and shareholders.OFS Labs continues to outpace the competition in design, material research and application development.

Heavy duty steel reels, on the other hand, can be used with heavier and larger loads, because they are designed to have extra strength.Also, unlike plywood reels, which may be thrown away or recycled after only one or a few uses, heavy duty steel reels can be used over and over again.Our products and solutions help service providers, municipalities, network operators, and home developers meet the exploding demand for bandwidth as the Internet and data communications become omnipresent worldwide.Our solutions help enable efficiency on the factory floor and reliability in emerging fiber laser applications.Our marketing, sales, manufacturing and research teams provide forward-looking, innovative products and solutions in areas including Telecommunications, Medicine, Industrial Automation, Sensing, Government, Aerospace and Defense applications.

We provide reliable, cost effective optical solutions to enable our customers to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s digital and energy consumers and businesses.

They are integral to the function of systems and equipment such as: aerial work platforms, conveyor systems, forestry equipment, forklifts, garage doors, hoists, light towers, material handling systems, a variety of overhead crane designs, robotic welding cells and theatrical and stage sets.

In addition to their primary functions, cable reels often find themselves living new, repurposed lives after their retirement.

Our technological heritage includes not only the first commercial production of optical fibers, but also the first to market offerings for many of the fiber optic products that meet today’s industry standards.

This legacy includes the first application specific fiber, the first optical connectors, the first ribbon cables, the first attenuators, the first hard clad silica fibers and dozens of additional breakthroughs that enabled the fiber optics revolution.

Headquartered in Norcross (near Atlanta) Georgia, U.