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The confusing part lies in how the various Office 365 packages have changed.

As of January 28, Microsoft now offers an Office 365 Home Premium subscription, which looks more like an Office 2013 subscription than it does what we've come to know as “Office 365.” In other words, it does NOT come with email, shared calendars, instant messaging, web conferencing or a public website or internal team sites (aka Share Point, Exchange or Lync) like the FAQ answer states.

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Here are all the options: For people with multiple devices…If you use a desktop pc, laptop and tablet and want Office 2013 across all devices and happily synced with one another, your best bet by far is subscribing to Office 365 Home Premium.It gives you the most bang for your buck, considering the number of devices you can install on.Specializing in computer applications, writing, and literature, she holds a degree in English and Secondary Education, an Illinois Type 09 Initial Teaching Certificate, and is a Microsoft Certified Master for Office 2003.While her energetic and easy-to-follow style is ideal for beginners to computer applications, her knowledge, thoroughness, and foresight in potential problems will satisfy the more proficient user.No, the Office 365 Home Premium package is this: You pay .99 a year and can install on up to five devices.

In short, the only thing that Office 365 Home Premium has in common with the established Office 365 brand is that it is a subscription.Because, let's face it-if you are still using Office 2003, you are probably not someone who is interested in or needs the “latest and greatest” new features.The subscription versions advertise “ongoing version updates” which could mean learning new interface or feature changes without much warning.The distance wears on them, as with their nay-saying friends and sister, and soon they are forced to either break up or come up with a solution that has them living in the same city.When Garret and Box are discussing why Box grew his mustache, there are several references to the 1970s, including "Burt and his Camaro", which is an obvious allusion to Burt Reynolds in Smokey and the Bandit.But their relationship blossoms and it quickly becomes something that they can't just drop in six weeks.