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The woman's expression of pleasant surprise set Lex spiraling into a whirlwind of glee - this was working! Her long, mouse-brown hair had been artistically bundled into the cloth folds of a salmon-pink turban, and now Lex watched in humored fascination as the much-too-heavy headdress slid rebelliously from her head, tugging at the long strands of her tangled hair as it crept slowly towards the floor."Lex," rumbled a deep, female voice distantly in Lex's right ear, "Vhy don't you speak to me after the meeting?

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Jeremiah kindly invited me," she explained, smiling appreciatively at the bundle of sunshine that had apparently stolen Jeremiah's body, "I've been having some trouble finding work lately. I always wanted to be a healer, but, you know, for obvious reasons that was out of the question…"Lex cast a couple of quick glances at her target in the room. Lex's emotional theatrics were hardly necessary, however, as the group seemed to be swallowing her words hook, line, and sinker.From the periphery of her vision, she watched as the gigantic woman, who'd introduced herself as Magdalena, perked up in her undersized chair. The group leader with the sicky-sweet voice tilted her turban-clad head to the side, raised her eyebrows, and pursed her lips, as if to say .She was leaning eagerly into the circle, balancing her massive weight on the front two legs of her undersized chair.The flimsy-looking metal legs strained beneath the pressure, and the thinly-cushioned seat was comically stuck to her enormous backside.After all, she wasn't really here to gather around the campfire and sing defeatist songs…

Lex was going to defy these discriminatory "terms" - not accept them."Yes, well, as I was saying, this is my first time here… It's just been so hard to accept that, on account of my condition, I'll probably never even be given a chance," she finished solemnly, blinking her eyes furtively and shifting her gaze towards the ground.Technology meets magic in a dangerous adventure through the Magical Americas that will reinvent what it means to be a "magical" - that is, if she doesn't get caught first... I actually have a fairly-involved scientific explanation for most of this stuff, but I'm keeping to the tip of the iceberg."Hi.I'm Lex, and I'm a squib," she announced dutifully, her tentative voice competing with the pitter-patter of raindrops as they drummed insistently against a wall of foggy windows that just couldn't keep out the rippling, bluish daylight."Hello, Lex," droned a chorus of disharmonious voices." grunted the cat's gruff owner as he nodded exaggeratedly and jabbed a wagging elbow at one of his neighbors.Lex's left eye twitched compulsively at the use of the term 'interweb,' but she quickly summoned her limited social graces and buried deep her nerdy need to correct the man.It is listed as ages 8-12 so I'm not feeling very enthusiastic.