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actress went on to talk about their strained relationship or lack thereof since Tom Kat happened!Soooo, since Tom and Katie's union is more than officially dunzo, does that mean the two are bestiez again??

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We’ve all been overly excited, slightly anxious, and certain we don’t quite belong.Busy Philipps is the actress from co-star, Michelle Williams.) But Busy Philipps actually pulls it off — only in way cooler sunglasses, and with a great story about grabbing Ben Affleck during that botched Best Picture announcement at this year’s Oscars.Like Busy, I’m a working mom with two young daughters.Welcome to Busy Philipps’s Instagram Stories, the most addictive thing on the internet right now. From there she launches into some sort of oddly relatable story: She’s freaking out about getting an MRI; she had a creepy Uber experience; she can’t stop picking at her face.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “Isn’t 'S-Town' the most addictive thing on the internet right now? Or this doozy: She’s come home from a night out and she’s locked herself out of the house.

She was at a big-deal, Hollywood bash, something most of us will never actually experience.

But anyone watching could still find a piece of themselves in Busy’s story.

She had to speak in front of the A-list audience, and was nervous because Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian were also there, in the flesh.

She wondered out loud if the other super-famous attendees were asking themselves what the “actress from ” is doing there.

” to the camera, and laughing — an actress and her best friend, taking a loss in stride.