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"The thought of loving you makes me sick," she mutters.

Her wings may be irreparable, but she's got wheels now to take her to her destiny.- gave her fans a more mature sound - swapping out her dance club musical persona in exchange for a more mature, R&B sound to show everyone that she’s not just a pop star, but also a vocalist worthy of respect.She has always had that voice, that voice that can pierce the heart and blast the mountaintops.But now, she has completely come into her own as one of the defining rock voices of today."The Nerve" explores her various vices, from anonymous sex ("Vice") to even positive plastic--"Pink Sunglasses" is a sassy and playful number about her celebrity status amidst personal upheaval.

By the end of the first half, she quickly realizes she doesn't have the nerve to use her heart much at all these days.

Teaming up with Matthew Hager, Brian Stead, and Matteo Eyia, Iraheta has found a collaboration which lives up to her titanic voice.

With their debut LP, she mixes in her Hispanic heritage with command and vulnerability, flipping between the tango of "Verdad" and the soft coo of "Yo Me Voy" into stunning pieces such as "Guns in Our Hands" and "Band Aid," perhaps the best song of 2016.

She hooks you in with her engrossing lead vocal, and you stay for the heartfelt stories.

- 2016 was a year that needed a mood-lifter, and Kero Kero Bonito answered the call.

This Marsh boot will outlast a mudroom full of wellies.