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(i) Americus Vespuccius' third and fourth voyages to America, (z) Robert Coverte's travels in Persia and Mongolia.


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205-246 first voyage, no fewer than forty Dutch ships rounded the Cape, and almost completely supplanted the Portuguese in the spice trade. Two years later the Dutch East India Company was formed. | [3 lines] | IN JES INCISE PER / Johannem Theodorum & Johannem Ifraclem de Bry, / . [Letterpress title-page to plates] | ICONES | O^iibus | AD M AIOREM LE- | CTORIS RECREATIONEM | PRIMVS LVSITANORVM CVM REGE | CON- GRESSVS, ... | [conventional orna ment] FRANCOFORTI | Excudebat Wolffgangus Richter, impen- | fis loannis Theodori & loannis Ifraelis de Bry, | fratrum. 205, except that the blank leaf [ H 6] is lacking in this copy.

COLLATION BY SIGNATURES: identically the same as that of No. 205], recto of [)(]; [blank], verso of [)(]; [dedication, with heading] | ILLVSTRISSIMO | PRIN- CIPI AC DOMINO, DOMINO FRIDERICO IIII. COLLATION BY PAGINATION: [title, as reproduced ; See No. This monopoly, confirmed by Pope Eugenius and succeeding popes, remained in the hands of the Portuguese for a hundred years, after which it was taken from them by the Dutch. Voyage of Neck and Warwijck to the East Indies; 15981600. Description of Guinea in Africa, with a history of the early voyages thither by the Portuguese, French, and Dutch. (i) Joris van Spilbergen's voyage to Ceylon; 1601-1604. The first Dutch voyage to the Indies by this route was made by Cornelis Hout- man, with four vessels, in 1596; three years later Houtman and Van Neck visited Sumatra and Java with eight ships; and in 1600, less than five years after Houtman's AMERICANA fj478a] CHURCH CATALOGUE 1598-1633 Tbeodor De Bry NOS. ( 2 ) The voyage of Gasparo Balbi, a Venetian, to Pegu, via Syria; 1579- 1588. Five voyages by the Dutch to the East Indies : ( i ) Van Neck, to Ternate, Macao, and Patane ; 16001604. , recto of H j to verso of [ H 5] ; [i blank leaf], [H6]. ; ii lines of text, the ist end ing "eius" ; recto of Aa z. | Lufitani regem Congi falutant, eique legationem fuam exponunt.