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“With that, people can lead high-quality lives,” says Nygren.

But upon closer inspection, several people took note of the giant billboard in the background, which advertised a prescription drug called "Revival." Because the drug’s website, toll free number, and commercial included many Eminem references, it became clear this was an elaborate—and genius—marketing campaign.

Later on, he pleaded for Barack Obama to come back in a Boyz II Men-themed music video, and played Steve Harvey’s estranged son in a “Family Feud” sketch.

Chance also starred in sketches poking fun at Sound Cloud rappers, accusing Batman of racial profiling, playing a porno pizza delivery guy, and more.

Then, finally, fans finally received the most convincing piece of evidence: an Instagram post by Shady’s longtime manager and soon-to-be Def Jam CEO Paul Rosenberg..

There’s been a lot of uncertainty surrounding the project for the past several months, with insiders retracting their initial claims about the album’s content and status.

“The limitations also must be present during the developmental years of childhood or prenatally.”There’s not one clear source for intellectual disability but rather a variety: genetics, exposure to toxins in the environment or the womb, birth injuries such as a loss of oxygen, or social deprivations, for example, a highly restrictive childhood.

The best course of treatment for people with an intellectual disability is intervention from a young age and educational and social support.

I am truly proud of everything I've created, but this is the one." "Walk on Water" received generally mixed to positive reviews from critics.

Jayson Greene of Pitchfork described the song as a "joyless trudge of a power ballad that pairs a softly crooned hook with fuming, escalating verses of rage-spittle." The fake doctor's note was labeled with the logo for Revival.

As of December 25, 2017, the video has over 50 million views and 1 million likes.

On December 23, 2017, the music video for the song was released exclusively on Apple Music and Eminem's official Vevo channel.

Beyonce kicks off the ballad with a powerful chorus as the perfection-obsessed rapper crumples pieces of paper in the background before spitting introspective rhymes in the verses.