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Another 1 is saman ekor which the camera capture your car or the police hide beside the tree use speed tracker and camera to capture your car, then they go to JPJ to check your car plate number to get your house address then post a letter to your house.

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2) Can I get discount even the website show me there is no discount? And "check your summon paper sure there stated the correspondence address then just do a simple write in with your summon reference no.3) Go where to pay the summon can get the most discount? etc information then write some reason la, this and that then send the letter over by pos or wat ever then wait for their reply normally u will get a 50% discount".Semak Status: BR1MAplikasi ini TIDAK PERLU BAYAR , Semua semakan adalah PERCUMA.Aplikasi ini hanya platform yang menghubungkan anda dengan portal semakan saman yang sedia ada di laman web tujuanya untuk memudahkan carian anda.But if you receive saman ekor with blacklist, you must pay for it and if you don't pay for it, you will need to go court and your can't renew your driving license and roadtax. file=/2010/8/12/nation/6844075&sec=nation, he said "There are 650,000 traffic offenders had been blacklisted".

In conclusion, do I think I need to pay for my RM200 saman ekor?Available to Citibank credit cardmembers or Citibank current/savings account who pays bills via Citibank Online.ATTENTION TM Net subscribers Please note that Telekom has announced that ALL TM Net and Telekom bills are consolidated into a single bill under a new TM Account No. If you have paid to your old TM Net account, please be advised that payment may be reflected 2 months later.In the event of any inconsistency or conflict between the Bank's general rules, procedures, terms and conditions as determined from time to time, AND these Terms and Conditions, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail unless specifically provided otherwise. In these Terms and Conditions, the following terms and expressions shall have the following meanings unless the context requires otherwise : (i) "Agreement" or "this Agreement" means these Terms and Conditions, and wherever applicable, shall include (i) any rules, procedures, terms and conditions for this Service, as determined by the Bank from time to time and (ii) any documents, directives, correspondence and agreements referred to in these Terms and Conditions and made a part thereof, together with any amendments made from time to time to any of the foregoing.(ii) "Business Day" means any day which banks in Malaysia are open for through red lights..(kena and comfirm no discount) accident..(kena and comfirm no discount also) speeding..(kena but i can't remember..i think no discount also) using emergency lane..(kena and no discount for this also) didn't wear seat belt..(kena and no discount for this also) and the rest i kind of forget already..