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It is regularly updated by Ring to improve the reliability and functionality of your device.

Note: Your hardware will usually update its firmware automatically.

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Question: What is firmware and why is it important to keep it updated?Answer: Firmware is a software program embedded into your Ring Device that keeps it functioning properly.Some Surface Pro 3 owners have been suffering from battery issues for months now, whereby the tablet loses charge much quicker than it should.Many were hoping the problem could be fixed with software, as a hardware problem would have likely led to a recall.Occasionally, DJI provides firmware updates for their DJI Spark drone, accessible on both i OS and Android using the DJI GO 4 app.

Spark firmware updates optimize system performance and add new functions to your drone as they become available.

It can also happen that after you have updated the firmware, you might notice an issue with your quadcopter, gimbal, camera or remote controller etc.

Reading the Spark release notes, then you would know whether the update targeted the particular component.

Normally this happens automatically, when the battery is inserted to drone.

However, for batteries,manufactured before July 2016, manual procedure may be required to enable automatic firmware update. If you press the battery button now, it doesn’t show battery charge level.

Here are the steps for the DJI Spark firmware update to bring it to the latest version.