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“All this depends on our processing model, which is not only expensive but also labour extensive.” Sharma said the company had taken as much care with the retail experience and ambience of Bateel Boutiques, as it had with its fruit production.

The boutiques’ interiors are in warm, inviting tones and the rows stuffed with nuts, dry fruits and colourful chocolates are a feast for the eyes.

From that one outlet in Riyadh, the Bateel company has expanded to encompass 36 shops and seven cafés in 16 countries, including England and Indonesia. From there, it was just a small step to using dates as the essential ingredient in a range of confectionery and savouries.

Mediterranean cuisine Homemade Umbrian foul beans served with cucumbers, fresh mint, spring onions, sliced tomatoes, lemon, Italian extra-virgin olive oil and Arabic bread. Mediterranean cuisine White marinated tuna with french beans, baby potato, quail eggs, umbrian black olives, cherry tomatoes, grilled onions and bell peppers dressed with extra-virgin lemon olive oil.

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Nature has blessed the area with sweet groundwater, a fertile soil and climatic conditions is just right for harvesting high quality dates.

Since the dates are produced to exacting standards, it was a given that Al Sudairy would present them as a premium offering.

Bateel grows more than twenty of them on its own farms, hand wrapping each date in its own protective cloth as it grows and ripens before harvest.

Seven are available in the store and range in price from to a pound.This started with harvesting the fruit, through to determining the wrapping and the platter which accompanied the product at its outlets.“Bateel is an integrated company and that includes farming, processing, manufacturing, marketing and premium retailing functions,” Sharma said.The company has grown into a specialty provider of dates, chocolates, cookies, biscuits and other food products with 51 shops in 14 countries.Unusual and luxurious, Dubai-based Bateel has brought its Middle Eastern version of a Godiva Chocolate store to Birmingham.Saudi-based Bateel, which runs 36 shops and 7 cafés in 16 countries, poised to expand Dubai: Bateel’s success as a business can be attributed to that rare marketing formula: being able to turn a staple food in the local diet into a gourmet experience.