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M-6: This new Mogul ran trouble-free right out of the box.

Page 8 — Latest waybill: Wagons from Roundhouse, Train Department, Accucraft.

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Page 13 — Accucraft Quarry Hunslet: Despite a manufacturing error, this loco is impressive. Making paper diaphragms for -scale heavyweight passenger car vestibules. Scratch building a Colorado Consolidation, D&RGW No. Make your own tool for adding quality metail details.. Page 39 — Cupola view: A review of a new history on a little-known 1860s New York railroad tragedy.. Page 8 — Latest waybill: RCS transmitter; Regner ‘Rocket’; Accucraft ‘Tornado’; Ozark buys Hartford . Page 15 — Heavyweights: Making -scale passenger cars (maybe the hard way). Page 32 — Train barn: Tired of carrying locomotives inside and out?

Page 34 — Regner’s ‘Otto.’ Don’t scare the horses — go with this .5-scale steam tram. Page 8 — Latest waybill: -scale engines from Accucraft; Roundhouse Hunslet; in memoriam: Dan Liebowitz. Page 17 — Yankee cross heads: Fixing a small detail when building with overseas parts. Page 20 — Scratch building the .3-scale, four cylinder Heisler. Page 27 — Snowbound in Scranton — President's Day Steamup at Electric City Trolley Museum. Page 30 — AWC — The mysteries of abrasive water-jet cutting explained. Page 33 — Mad for ‘Max.’ Trepidation about building an engine — even from a kit. Railroad librarian finds that third time is a charm for rail history guide. Page 8 — Latest waybill: Three new locomotives from three makers. Building strong and inexpensive boxes for locomotives and rolling stock.. A review of Wu Hu Bowande’s new -scale locomotive.. The direction-handle on Accuraft’s new ‘Dora’ gets hot; a modification..