Backdating contract illegal

If under 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign permission.The parent or guardian must bring your birth certificate 18 years.

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Of all the worries you may have, do not worry if the wedding is "legal" if you have a marriage license and marry within the time frame of the license (at least 72 hours after it was issued, but within 30 days).

Still other couples will opt only for a religious/spiritual ceremony - or a non-religious personal commitment marriage ceremony - without a marriage license.

If you are having a hard time with the County Clerk, go to a different county clerk's office (Downtown Dallas or Downtown Ft.

Worth are best.)The most common instance is when one is in jail or out-of-the-country.

Any person can make any personal commitment they wish to another person, and some same couples essentially create all the elements of a marriage by having a personal commitment (marriage) ceremony - only without a marriage license.

Some will use a minister willing to officiate such a ceremony.

The parent or guardian must bring your birth certificate to prove parentage and ID to prove he/she is your parent. Your fiancee then has his/her signature notarized on the form.

A legal guardian must provide prove of guardianship. Go to the County Clerk's office and tell them you need an "Absentee affidavit" for a marriage license. With that, the other can go in alone for the license.

The officiant could get into trouble, even be prosecuted - but you are still married.

It is known you wanted to get married because you went to get a marriage license.

However most of these (not all) will sign a government marriage license if asked to.