Back pocket dating

You won’t have to question it by analyzing a text message or deciphering the tone of an e-mail.He will drive over on a Tuesday to bring you coffee and you’ll see it in his face and hear it in the way he asks about your day.You see it turns out that about 500 years ago an amazing women put to paper thoughts on the intricacies of fly-fishing that very nearly explain how to angle or catch the man for you.

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Honey, you must be at the wrong game and with the wrong players, because you’re not a substitute, average, or second string. He will lose his pride to tell you that you make him nervous and he will spend his heart to find what makes you laugh.

And you will believe him, because you’ll see it in the way he watches you walk across a room.

So what's all this mixing of angling and dating terms?

Well, Gail spent an evening with some friends and what eventually came out of it was a book that shows how a bit of knowledge about fly-fishing can aid us in our choices when it comes to relationships.

Rubin's guide makes a great gift for dating friends whom you've advised "Don't worry, there are more fish in the sea." Don't stop with guidance, give them THE guidebook.

The Ivory Coast defender kept Cristiano Ronaldo quiet throughout as the Madrid playmaker chased the goals which would take him alongside and surpass Raul's 71 Champions League goals (he remains on 70 after last night's shut-out).Especially interesting is the section discussing what to do when the fishing hole runs dry.Almost everyone, even the successfully partnered, can gain something from Trouser Trout.If I were a barracuda (and you should know what that is), I'd probably buy the book simply to sharpen my bite.Either way, reading "Trouser Trout" would seem like a win-win. specifically her chapter on "Natural, Artificial and Exotic Lures." Sure, some guys (err, trout) are more likely to hit on whatever catches their eye, smells good, and looks tasty, but remember: it's usually all hit and run no matter how long the play. However, if your heart's on the line, you can only take "A Girl's Pocket Guide to Trouser Trout" so far.Gail Rubin, a public relations professional, is a trouser trout angling expert.