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But mainly it gets critiqued for being filled with people who seem to act with significant "stupidity".Why is "stupidity" in quotes—because it’s a simple, common and catchy phrase that I’ll use as an umbrella term for maladaptive, impulsive, irrational and all the other negative descriptors of behavior that are implicitly associated with the term.This wouldn’t be particularly "stupid" except that they’ve decided to play hard to get while simultaneously reacting with hurt at the ‘hard’ part. Speaking of fast crushes, Laura has developed, ah, romantic feelings for Trey which isn’t really a crush so much as a "love at first sight" issue. She promptly showed Trey her adoption papers and sought to cuddle.

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But it's when Max starts unexpectedly flirting with La Toya that the real fight erupts.

Brandon meets a bad girl that tempts him to start drinking again.

And yet the public discourse, thus far, has been notably imbalanced.

There’s been a predictable bias toward assuming or emphasizing the explanatory factors as 100% within the individual.

they are stupid) or the environment within which that personality is operating.

Now, it doesn’t take a philosopher to know that the answer is undoubtably going to be “both, and.” That is, personality and situational factors perpetually work in-tandem, in feedback loops to produce the eventual outcome known as behavior and actions, etc.It all seems to be a little bit more accusatory and irritable than usual.As far as I can tell the show has been critiqued for everything from being too boring to being too melodramatic.Now, before I go further I want to pause for a little soapbox time.I’d like to remind everyone who chooses to publically comment on the lives of the people on this show that they are people, not storybook characters.One couple reveals that they've called it quits and fight after fight from the cast reveals that the drama has followed the roomies back to the mainland.