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Her uncle is actor Michael Hadley who she credits for encouraging her to pursue acting.I was very earnest and focused from quite a young age – and geeky. I always thought that if you just put your head down and got on with work you’d get away with far more [mischief] than if you were being explicitly naughty, so I studied.

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Her father was a journalist while her mother was in advertising.

They divorced when she was three, and she was brought up with her older brother by her mother alone near Worcestershire.

Felicity went on to star in several other projects during 2011, including , which chronicles the invention of the vibrator and co-stars Hugh Dancy and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

She also secured a modeling contract with the Burberry brand.

Our favourite gossip guy Ed Westwick suited up in grey for the world premiere of his new film Chalet Girl in London.

He’s the love interest in the comedy and gets to use his native accent, which is always well-disguised when he plays Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl.

Despite this, she has said that her family is “extremely close.” Felicity’s mum also had a passion for the arts and often took her children to movies and the theatre.

When Felicity realised she had a passion for acting as a pre-teen she joined a drama club at the Custard Factory.

While at school Felicity began to attend the Central Junior Television Workshop, an after-school club in Birmingham.

At 12 years old she landed her first role, in the 1996 family film .

There she find some new possibilities and and a new love interest.