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The “Stickers” (or Emojis) are limited and don’t seem very traditional ,some look very anime but they work.Like I stated before the design is very minimalist and the app never tries to do to much at once.

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But of course you’re not limited to texting you can also send videos, images, and files.

Everything that we expect from our experiences of a messenger app is right where we are spoiled to have and take for granted.

Also to keep up with trends that are, gifs and memes ,which can also be purchased in the Viber store.

There is also a group chat feature that can be confusing at times ,and can give you a large amount of notifications if everyone is very active.

[caption id="attachment_1265" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Viber - Call Your Friends[/caption] Viber interface is extremely simple like most messaging apps out on the market.

It have a very minimalist design that was popularized by Apple.In my opinion, you will be better off with installing Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger.Viber is a messaging app for Android and IOS that you can easily locate on the Google Play store.You can only use Viber on your phone ,however, which I will get more into that in the pros and cons.Although, this only works on the phone that is attached to your account, Viber is one of the best messaging apps that you can use for Android.Texting is simple and after you are done with your sentence a quick send will make your message readable to whom you are texting.