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Education, he contends, is not the transmission of authorised knowledge from one generation to the next but a way of attending to things, opening up paths of growth and discovery.What does this mean for the ways we think about study and the school, teaching and learning, and the freedoms they exemplify?

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There’s also a citywide festival every year called Summer of Antwerp.They open two summer bars and have concerts, circuses, and theater by the river, and sometimes you find giant puppet-style figures walking around town.Every day there’s something else to do all over the city.They open a hotel inside an old office building where everyone rents a cot in one big room and it’s like summer camp for grown-ups.For an aperitivo drink or late night after going out, everyone ends up at Vitrin.

You always see familiar faces and a lot of fashion people go there.

And how does it bear on the practices of participation and observation, on ways of study in the field and in the school, on art and science, research and teaching, and the university?

Written in an engaging and accessible style, this book is intended as much for educationalists as for anthropologists.

It’s next to a great area for wandering around that people in Antwerp call the Wild Sea.

Ijzerenwaag connects a cool street now taken over by big fashion stores, and the Nationalestraat, a really chic street where Dries Van Noten and Ann __Demeulemeester__have their shops near the Mode Museum.

Culture and the Individual pulls together over twenty-five years of research on cultural consonance, defined as the degree to which individuals incorporate into their own beliefs and behaviors the prototypes for belief and behavior encoded in shared cultural models.